Hemp clothing


Hemp clothing offers distinct advantages in comfort and durability, while bringing significant benefits for the economic and environmental sustainability of our planet.

Moreover, hemp absorbs and releases perspiration quickly and breathes well, absorbs dye easily and retains color well, holds up to repeated washings and never needs dry cleaning. It is also naturally anti-microbial, resistant to mold and mildew and above all, it gets softer, the more it's washed and worn.

Hemp fabric

Hemp fabrics

Natural dyes for organic fibers


We dye our fabrics only with natural colours that are absorbent to cellulose fibers. Byproducts of the dying are not harmful to the nature and are controllably disposed as neutral waste.

During the fixation process we do not use any aggresive chemicals, therefore it is pefectly safe to our skin.

Hemp fabrics


Right now we offer imported hemp knit jersey fabrics, and a wide range of woven fabrics made in Europe.

Hemp fabrics are very durable and resistant making them very longlasting.

For some fabrics we can even provide waterproofing.

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Custom made hemp clothing - T-shirts


We specialize in custom made t-shirts. The t-shirts are comfortable and breathable as we use the perfect blend of 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton.

We import the materials globally from certified suppliers. After that everything is done in Europe.  We are based in a small country called Slovenia and we work with different family companies to produce high quality t-shirts.

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Custom made hemp socks


Socks made of hemp are the most comfortable footwear you can find, in fact, it is a unique feeling wearing them.

The fibers makes them breathable while still regulate the temperature and keeping your feet rejuvenated.

We can  make custom hemp socks with the logo of your company, brand or anything else sewn in the design.
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Hemp socks - Black - Your Logo

Hemp Face Masks

Hemp Face Masks

Producing hemp face masks is our special initiative to help people prevent the spread of Covid-19. Masks are especially important now as the staggered unlock phase has started. The virus transmission, however, continues unabated.

We are in charge of our own safety, and of others. It is upon us to prevent transmission. If you use our organic hemp masks, you save yourself from chemically-manufactured products.

The safety standard of our hemp masks is not as high as the N95 medical masks that qualify as personal protective equipment (PPE). However, these masks are safer than ordinary cloth or synthetic masks, due to the natural medicinal properties of hemp fabric.

Hemp Dog Wear


Our dog products are made of mechanically processed natural hemp which is the most durable natural fiber on the planet. It is 4 times more durable than cotton. Hemp requires no chemicals to grow, cotton uses 25% of the pesticides on earth annually, and don’t even get us started on synthetic dog products!

All of the metal that we use can normally be found on horse equipment. We have designed our products to be used for even the largest and most powerful of dogs.

Hemp clothing made with certified fabrics


There are many standards and not all of them are as they project. We now work with a supplier who ensure GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard and OCS – Organic Content Standard for the knit fabrics.


OCS100 organic standard