About us

We design and make wholesale hemp clothing and other hemp textile products for verified and approved vendors.

If you’d like to start the communication with us, please contact us by mail: wholesale@hempwear.eu.

We offer hemp textile wholesale for clothing, fabrics and accessories. We can also design and create custom hemp products as you require.

You can choose your hemp fabric, color, pattern design, sizing, print and other added materials (zippers, buttons, buckles, ropes, etc.)


We aim to be very efficient in communication skills, which such projects very much require.

After we specify all the details together, you will receive our offer with all the pricings, minimum order amounts and finishing dates.

Basic catalogue is available to by letting us know here.

We are expecting your email with great excitement to produce quality hemp clothing, that is very sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Our passion

Our passion lays in deep respect of our nature, of which great part is taken by us, humans.  Our job is to work with the rest of the nature we live in. We like to call it awake production!

In the process of creating we make sure that every aspect has been looked at and acknowledged. We take caution from the beginning of the production line till the very end product. The big focus is on fabric origin and fair trade.

Hemp fabrics are breathable, which means that your body can naturally exchange oxygen and vapour however it needs to. That’s why we feel calm and at ease while wearing it.

Fibers are very absorbant and can be colored with completely natural dyes. They do not wash off and most importantly, they do not irritate the skin.

Hemp’s strength is the starring property. It is known to have the strongest natural fibers and for that reason most durable products. It is truly a remarkable material to work with.