Hemp Face Mask – Dark Grey


Hemp face mask is a lot more comfortable than ordinary synthetic or cotton masks. With higher breathability, masks made from hemp textiles do not stick to your face. That makes them suitable to wear for long hours without too much discomfort.


Composition: 100% hemp double layer fabric, 100% cotton strings


Available sizes: S – Child Size| M – Adult Small | L – Adult Large


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100% Organically Grown Hemp

Hemp is grown without the use of fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals. Also, farming families here have the rich generational wisdom of organic farming. We only grow fully organic hemp.

We also minimize the use of chemicals as far as practicable in our fabric production. You are safe from the probable side effects of high chemical use when you buy hemp masks from us.


Hemp Is Naturally Resistant To Microbes

The irregular hollow core of hemp fabric gives it anti-microbial properties. Masks made of hemp fabric trap and absorb particulates and microbes that would get into your system otherwise.

An additional advantage is that hemp fabric is also resistant to moth and mildew.


Why are Hemp Face Masks Safer

Producing hemp face masks is our special initiative to help people prevent the spread of Covid-19. Masks have become especially important now. The staggered unlock phase has started. The virus transmission, however, continues unabated.

We are in charge of our own safety, and of others. It is upon us to prevent transmission. If you use our organic hemp masks, you save yourself from chemically-manufactured products.

The safety standard of our hemp masks is not as high as the N95 medical masks that qualify as personal protective equipment (PPE). However, the natural medicinal properties of hemp fabric make these masks safer than ordinary cloth or synthetic masks.

Cleaning Your Hemp Mask

Soak your hemp mask for 30 minutes or more in detergent water, rinse and wash. However, if you want additional disinfection, boil some water and soak the mask in it for 30 seconds. Then repeat the above process.

Always sanitize your hands before putting on your mask and after removing it.


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