Hemp slippers – Slate Sky


BeGiraffe hemp slippers are handcrafted from three carefully selected natural materials: real hemp, wool felt and cork. Softness, lightness and a touch of minimalism are employed to bring the positivity of nature to your home.


Natural materials procured from within the EU

Renewable and biodegradable materials

Handcrafted in Slovenia


Other colors available: Melon Drop, Lavender Field, Slate Sky, Indigo Ocean

Available sizes: 36-37 | 38-39 | 40-41 | 42-43 | 44-45 | 46-47


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What does it feel like to walk on hemp? This skin-friendly fabric is not only durable but comfortable and breathable as well. The more steps you take with you BeGiraffe slippers, the softer and more inviting the fabric becomes.

Country of origin: Romania


If you have ever opened a bottle of wine, you are familiar with cork. We envisioned new uses for this wonderful material which found its home in the soles of our Begiraffe slippers. Due to its flexibility, lightness, and water resistance it will provide your slippers with support and you with a step in the right direction.

Country of origin: Portugal


You have probably already heard about felt. But do you know why it is so special? Our felt comes from sheep wool and through its natural isolative properties grants us warmth in the cold winter nights and breathes during summer days. The felt will shape itself to your foot and provide you with the comfort you deserve.

Country of origin: Italy